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Running an event like Drag Queen Story Time, and making it as magical as it is, is not an easy task! Drag Queens spend hours preparing before even arriving at event, lesson plans are developed, make up and costumes purchased for our dress up closet, we hire make up artists painting kids like drag queens, etc...

Any money we make off of this event, after paying the drag folk for their time, effort and talent, goes right back into the next. That is why we are so happy to have any financial contributions to our project! We believe in the importance of the work we do. We'd like to even take it up a notch. But financially we are just not at that place....YET.

All donations go directly through Mino Collective, our parent verein, and come right back to us her at Drag Queen Story Time. They are tax deductible and go to helping us to ensure the next generation is more open and free!!

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