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Performance Languages: Swiss German, German, French and English
Performance Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish


BRANDY BUTLER, Co-Founder and Event Facilitator
Performance Languages: English, Swiss German and German

Brandy Butler is a myriad of creativity. A performance artist, musician, educator, mother and activist, she spends her time making creative opportunities in the place where art and community intersect.

Ms. Butler has a Bachelors in Jazz from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pa. (2001), a Masters in Vocal Education from the Züricher Hochschule der Künste(2010), and is currently completing a Masters extension in Elementary Music Education at the Züricher Hoschule der Kunste.

She is an organizational member of the African diaspora feminist collective Bla*sh, on the board of Helvetia Rockt, co-founder of the feminist think-tank Mino collective which creates new opportunities to enhance diversity visibility in the Swiss music scene and has worked in Early childhood and Elementary Education for over 15 years.

IVY MONTIERO, Drag Performer
Performance Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

Tropikahl, aka Ivy Monteiro, is a multidisciplinary artist and performer.  Tropikahl has a BA in Fine Arts and Performance from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, and since then they have been performing, producing, giving workshops and inspiring the children of all ages.


Tropikahl has been invited to accept artistic residencies and perform on stages across the US, UK, Austria, Germany, as well as in Brazil - where they are originally from.

Tropikahl's practice and research in art and performance is deeply connected with ancestry and matriarchal bonding inside the LGBTQ community. They are committed to educating and mediating  the past and contemporary queer culture, while also focusing on empowering the presence of queer culture in the mainstream.

Ennia Face, Performer
Performance Languages: Swiss German, German, French and English

Ennia Face, aka Tristan Hetteier, was born and raised in Zurich. She is a true crossbreed with roots reaching worldwide from San Francisco to Hong Kong to Bad Zurzach. Starting in 2013 passing out fruit to guests at a Pride Event, Ennia Face is know a recognized Queen of the Zuerich Drag Scene. She is the face of the underground Freak-Chic Techno Lable KIKI, has frolicked in sirup for the nationwide retailer Siroop's media campaign, and has more recent struck a chord with her heartfelt appearances on SRF‘s True Talk and True Life.


On the Art Of Drag: “Drag has taught me to not take everything in life serious. Especially when you‘re a dude in a dress.“

King Jo, Performer
Performance Languages: SchwiizerDüütsch, English, Serbian

King Jo, aka Jovana Hitz, is a young but enthusiastic king. After studying, researching and teaching on gender and feminism, Jo decided its time to grow a beard and mess around with gender roles on stage. 


Growing up in Serbia and in Montenegro, taught Jo all about toxic powers of machismo. Intrigued and repulsed by it, Jo made it his mission to playfully break and deconstruct it in his performances.  Simultaneously, Jo is deeply inspired by female masculinity and wants to use the stage to promote their visibility. 


Rooted in Zürich’s queers scene, Jo is an LGBTQI+ activist, feminist, voguer and norm-breaker, proud winner of the Kweer Balls’s, first ever, lip-sync battle and   

Kweer Balls’s runway category ‘Tom of Finland’. 

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